• June 19, 2024


When to prune trees
In winter most trees are bare and you can see the branches and shape of the tree well. Because the shape of the tree is more visible, it is also easier to see where a tree needs to be pruned into shape. In addition, winter is the best period to give trees a good rejuvenation so that they can start growing and blooming again in the spring. There are exceptions to the rule: the ABC trees (Acer, Betula and Carpinus) are only pruned when they have leaves, which often comes down to summer. And pruning the walnut tree is also better pruned in a different period, namely spring.

Exceptions to pruning trees in winter
Pruning ABC trees in the summer
The ABC trees are the Acer (maple), Betula (birch), and Carpinus (hornbeam). They are sometimes referred to as bleeding trees. These trees are pruned when the trees have full leaves. The bleeding trees run the risk of bleeding a lot of sap in winter from cuts from pruning. In winter, these trees send much of the sap to the crown of the tree to grow twigs in the spring. The bleeding of the tree can therefore prevent it from growing properly. In general, the ABC trees and the walnut tree can be pruned in the summer.

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